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Details and Rules

To sign up for a plot, first fill out the contact form with your request.  Please explain how many people will be gardening the plot, so we can give you enough space for your needs.  Secondly, join the mailing list below so we can give you information about starting up and news about classes. Priority will be given to those who have no space where they live to have a garden.  If our spaces fill up, you will be placed on a waiting list.  If a plot opens up, you will be contacted. Classes and gardening instruction will be open to all regardless of whether you have a plot.

Information about when the plots are ready to plant will be sent via the mailing list.

Tools are available in the shed out by the garden, and information will be sent out via email throughout the gardening season.  At any time, you may contact the organizers through the website's email to ask questions or sign up for classes. 

In order to participate in the garden, each person must agree in writing to these rules:

1. Each gardener is responsible for his/her own plot.  You will do all the planting, weeding, watering and harvesting from your own plot. No one may harvest from another's plot without permission.

2. No illegal plants are to be grown.  Our neighbors - the Otsego Police Department will help us enforce this rule.

3. Participants must grow "space saving" varieties of vegetables that will not vine or creep into neighboring plots.

4. No chemical pesticides of any kind will be allowed in the community garden.

5. If the plot is not maintained, and has no evidence of being taken care of, the participant will be contacted and given a chance to maintain their plot.  If they choose to abandon the plot, it will be assigned to another person/family.

6. Any vandalism will be punished by the vandal restoring everything that is damaged and putting in additional hours of weeding/maintaining the community garden, determined by the extent of the vandalism.

Please click on this button and print and complete the form.

If you cannot print it yourself, be prepared to sign it when you come to the garden to claim your plot.

You will be asked to sign a release of liability form for the church.

To download a copy of that, click here:

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