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  • Caroline Abbott

Spring garden updates

For everyone's information, here are a few things to know as the season gets going:

  1. I organized the shed, so you should be able to find t-posts, some netting, extra garden signs - and a permanent marker for customizing them, stakes and garden tools. There is a bucket labeled "trash". If you find trash in the garden or have something to throw away, you may use that, but if it is large, please take it home and dispose of it, or use the dumpster in the church parking lot across the street.

  2. I moved the good hose - the gray one - out to the spigot. It is long enough to reach anywhere in the garden. There are three sprinklers and a watering can out there as well. There is a wand on the hose, and another under the bay window of the house. Please try to water in the morning or evening, but try not to leave the water running more than one hour. The wand makes it handy to hand water so you don't over water. Please move the hose back to the spigot after use so it is easier for those doing the mowing.

  3. We have loosely organized the compost pile. The main pile which looks like dirt, can be used directly on your plot or in pots. When you weed or have fresh vegetable waste, put it in the part of the pile closest to the door of the shed. Large branches go in the furthest pile and the middle is for dry brown stuff. I will eventually organize it better and put up signs explaining where to put stuff.

  4. There is some hay in a wheelbarrow in the shed, which can be used for mulch around your plants. Mulch cuts down on both weeding and watering.

  5. If anyone would like to take responsibility for the round flower garden (pictured above), please let me know. I plan to put some plants in the pots, but don't have a lot of extra time to weed the bed itself.

  6. I will have plants available the end of this week for those who want them. I will have tomato transplants now, and may have some peppers and a few other plants. If you are interested, please reply to this email so I can give you more information.

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