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Come join our First Baptist Church of Otsego Community Garden Project, “Sowing Seeds of Hope”!

Who – Anyone in the Otsego/Plainwell area that would like to grow a plot of vegetables but has no place to do it. This can be a family, individual or group.

What – Each group or individual that signs up will be assigned a plot in the community garden which is located on Court St. The participants must sign up and agree to abide by rules developed by the church by the middle of May of the current year. Please sign up by going to the contact page and filling out the form, then the church will contact you and give you more information.  Please read through the details and rules before signing up.

When – The plots will be tilled up around the middle of May. We will send out an email to those with assigned plots to notify you when we are tilling. Each participant can then begin to use their plot to grow vegetables. We may schedule some times before that date for cleanup and preparation, and may also have a work day before planting to put up deer fencing, work on our compost pile or other spring preparation activities.

How – Please join the email list below. This will also be the way we let you know about upcoming classes and any other information we need to relay to you. You will be contacted by the organizers and given instructions and help to plan your garden.  Every Saturday morning throughout the gardening season, a person will be available at the garden to give gardening tips and advice and provide some hoes and other tools to help with the garden.

Also – classes will be offered during the gardening season, open to all, no charge.  The topics will include: cooking with your veggies, bread making, canning/preserving your veggies and how to cook nourishing meals on a budget. The schedule for these classes will announced after the project begins.

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