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  • Caroline Abbott

Free Seeds!!!

Home Depot in Plainwell donated all their leftover seeds - which are fresh for this year - to the Otsego Public Library. They are all sitting near the entrance on carts, neatly sorted. They are free to anyone who wants them.

It is not too late to plant for this season. Check the "days to maturity" on the back of the envelope. If it is 70 days or less, you can still plant directly into the ground now. Others can be saved for next year. Some seeds lose viability very quickly, like peppers and parsnips. Others will retain good viability for several years, like beans and corn. Most seeds are good for a couple of years, but will probably not germinate beyond that.

There is space to plant in the one community plot closest to the parking lot. There is also a completely empty plot in the middle of the row closest to the church building. If you don't have space to plant and want to put seeds in those plots, feel free, just please mark them because I may plant some flowers or herbs in empty spaces.

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