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  • Caroline Abbott

Plots are looking great!

Sorry, I didn't get a current picture up yet, but the plots are looking really good! I just wanted to share some timely information:

  1. Please keep watering, the forecast is for continued dry weather and then more heat. Remember to water early in the day or in the evening so the water doesn't get evaporated and the plants don't get burned.

  2. Mulch helps a lot to keep in moisture and suppress weeds. You may use grass clippings, any mulch left in the pile, or hay or straw. I hope to get some bales of hay down into the shed before too long.

  3. Strawberries! There is a small strawberry bed behind the "Haven House", the house by the garden. Those are free to any who want to pick them. That bed also needs periodic watering, so if you go back there to pick berries, bring the hose with you and water the plot while you are there.

  4. There is one large plot left unclaimed, if anyone wants it or knows anyone who would like it. It is not too late to plant.

  5. There are two "community plots" and one raised bed designated as a "community plot". I will keep those up as best I can, but they are for anyone to use, so if you notice they are dry or need some weeds pulled, please take a minute to help keep those up.

  6. I planted some herbs in the flower bed. Those are also for anyone to use. Please just take what you need, not the whole plants! I know that sounds strange, but two plants did come up missing. I replaced them. The red planters also have herbs in them, chives and oregano, which anyone may use.

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