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Spring 2024 information

Although it is still winter, we can dream of spring, right? This is a good time to think about whether or not you want a plot. There are three of the raised beds available this season if anyone is interested in them. The advantage of the raised bed is easy accessibility. The two closest to the sidewalk that the TOPS group used last year are available and the one on the other end used for a community plot last year is available. Along with that, there are the regular plots in the garden. Please let me know if you would like to reserve a particular plot - like the one you had last season. If you could just indicate whether or not you plan to participate this year, that helps me with planning for the season.

If you are planning on gardening this year, it is a good time to buy seeds. I have already purchased mine for the coming year, but daily I receive emails from the seed companies advertising sales. I may have saved a little money if I waited! Here are a few I have ordered from: Jung Seed, Pinetree Seeds, R. H. Shumway, and Vermont Bean Seed Company.

If you are planning on growing tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, cabbage or kale, those are better started from plants rather than seeds. Unless you are planning on starting your own plants indoors, don't buy seeds for those. I usually have extra tomato plants to share, but if you want to be sure, pick them up from a local garden center or greenhouse. You can still look at the different varieties on the seed company websites and make a note to look for the ones that look good to you at the garden center in the spring.

We always target early May for tilling up the plots, but if you would like to start something earlier than that, please let me know. I will be communicating more information about exact dates as spring gets closer.

Please respond to this message if you want a plot this season, or through the contact us form on the website. Thank you so much! Think Spring!!

Caroline Abbott

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