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  • Caroline Abbott

Time to Till

Although today is cold and not the kind of weather I want for planting, we are making the plans for tilling the garden on Friday, April 26, 2024. What this means for those who had a plot last year - if you have overwintered crops you want to harvest prior to the rototiller coming through, you need to get out to your garden and harvest those. A quick look through the garden today showed me some carrots and parsnips in beds that you may want to harvest. Because it is so early, other overwintered or "volunteer" crops have not come up yet. I will most likely contact gardeners individually who have overwintered crops I noticed.

Because we are tilling early to fit our own personal schedule, I need gardeners to claim their plots a little earlier than normal. I am not available Saturday April 27th, but can meet individuals out at the garden to assign plots after we have tilled any time starting on Monday, April 28th. Please contact me to set up a time to meet me out at the garden to assign your plot.

Do be aware that it is too early for most crops to be planted at this point. Because we are tilling early, you may have to be more vigilant to hoe out weeds that get started before you plant. Starting Monday, it is safe to plant peas, onions and their kin (leeks, shallots, etc.) and potatoes. Starting a couple weeks later it will be safe to plant cabbage family plants and spinach. Please wait on tomatoes, peppers, beans, corn, cucumbers and squash until the end of May. I like to wait until Memorial Day myself. If the weather seems good and you are willing to cover plants in case of a frost, you can plant the tender plants around mid-May. If you have a question about a particular plant, please ask me and I will do my best to advise you. Better to be patient and plant once rather than have to re-plant your frost killed plants. Just because they are available out at the garden centers doesn't mean it is time to put them in the ground yet.

I will have tomatoes and possibly peppers available again this year at the proper planting time. I will post here to let you know when those are available. Remember that we do have critters that visit our garden, including bunnies and deer. It is your responsibility to fence in your personal plot to keep them out. There are some fencing materials available in the shed, first come first served. When those are gone, or if they are not what you want, you will have to provide your own materials. I suggest you take your personal materials home at the end of the season. Anything in the shed is considered free-for-all.

There are still extra spaces available for more gardeners, so if you know of anyone who might be interested, send them to this website to sign up.

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