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  • Caroline Abbott

Spring 2023 information

We are ready to begin assigning plots to the garden for this season. We will have everything ready by the middle of the first week of May. Each gardener needs to contact me through the website or in person to get their plot assigned.

Our raised beds are nearly ready and will be by the middle of the first week of May. All four are currently assigned. If you are wanting to have one, we have the ability to build more, so please let me know.

Although winter is trying hard to hand on, spring really is here. Early crops like peas, potatoes, onions and spinach can be planted now. If you have a question about whether something can be planted now, please contact me, and I will help you out. Most of the stores are running sales on seeds now, so it is a good time to buy.

Please wait on tender crops like tomatoes, peppers, corn and beans. I will have some tomato and pepper plants available around Memorial Day.

I am excited to see the 2023 gardening season get started!

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